High School sports Highlights Do’s and Don’ts

Like most parents, we are all trying to find way to help our children get into good schools after they get through the grueling years as a teenager in sports. Who knew that you should actually be getting your own footage together? The colleges know, but unfortunately for many of the parents they didn’t. I’m not saying that you will get your kid into a program, but I am saying it can’t hurt.

So the question is, will it make a difference? Will it help? Will it make the chances better? Truth is you never know. I know that it can’t hurt! I’m not saying go out and spend thousands of dollars in a professional production, but at least get something organized! Pictures and video are great for marketing your child and a great way to capture memories for a lifetime, even beyond college.

Does your high school student play a sport? Are they a stand out player? If you would like to capture their skill for college recruiters, look no further. We have you covered. The staff at Arsenal Media would love to help you get your child recognized by local or national Universities. We offer several competitive packages. We provide video, photography, actions shots, live streaming/recording and much more. Please visit our website to see the various options for promotional video needs.

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