Colorado is well known for its large motocross scene. There are many tracks through this mountainous range. Just about any town you go to is going to have access to local tracks! The northern Colorado motocross scene is exploding with new talent and new tracks. Most recently Berthoud Moto Park has opened its gates as of October 2016 with new owners, new track design and constantly updated track. Berthoud Moto park got its new track design with the help from legendary track builders Dirt Wurks. Dirt Wurks is a well know track building company hailing from the east coast and are responsible for building all off the AMA and Supercross tracks across the United State.

The motocross riders are not the only ones putting in work on these awesome tracks span across the state! Motocross photography  is just as big as the riders themselves! Click on if you love reading news e¡and tips on automotive. The “motographers” are dedicated to their craft as much as the riders in the local scene. Several of these “motographers” have been doing it in the Colorado scene for over 20+ years! Dedicated to capturing riders from Sterling all the way to Colorado Spring, all the way to the western slopes of Grand Junction. That’s just in Colorado. Several of these media maniacs travel out of state with our motocross riders all over the country! I wanted to showcase a couple of the guys just to show what a close family these guys are. An industry where competitors stick together!

Phil Lambert “aka Philthy Phil” owner of Vital Imagery has been a motocross,FMX,MMA, boxing and more photographer for several years in the Denver Colorado and Northern Colorado area. Phil was one of the first motogs I had the pleasure of meeting out at the track. He was super cool and really just opened up to me about the sport and who was who at the local tracks. Phil is more than a friend at this point, he has been a great mentor to me and other photographers on the scene. He will go out of his way to help me understand everything from picture taking all the way through color correction theory. We all know what that is like! Phil is my hero when it comes to guys on the scene. Phil’s unique style and extreme eye for the science set’s him a part from anyone in the industry and we are proud to know him!

Check out Richard Caverly a friendly face and staple at local tracks like Thunder Valley Mx Park, Berthoud Moto Park, IMI Motosports Complex  and several more! Richard is a super awesome moto and sports photographer that has helps several up and coming photographers like myself in understanding what it takes to get the shots. When I first hit the scene as a motographer Richard actually talked to me about the right camera setups, different angles , and just track etiquette in general. Richard is one of the raddest dudes I know and I have the utmost respect for him as a person and Photographer. You can see tons of work from Richard on his gallery site at

Join us next week as we spotlight other well know photographers in the Colorado Scene!