Northern Colorado Video Production with Drones

I can remember when you had to have an entire crew, cranes and helicopters to get those aerial lift and dolly shots. Welcome to 2018!
Here in Northern Colorado, the use of drones has grown drastically.Realtors are finding it helpful to display the entire property from a view you just can’t get without drones. They have not only become more practical, but also more affordable.

There are so many practical uses for drones, but we really love to incorporate them into every on location set we do. the hardest part is finding a “Good” pilot. The technology has came so far, so fast, that users are springing up everywhere. That doesn’t necessarily make them the best candidate for the job. Just like you would vet a videographer or photographer, you want to make sure your pilot is not only licensed, but also qualified and skilled enough to film on a production level for you.

The pilots at Arsenal Media have been trained in cinematography on both the ground and the air. It has taken years of skills training and knowledge to get to what we believe will become the standard! We have been licensed and qualified pilots for over 4 years in the industry since we opened the doors to our business. We have been trained by directors and pilots in not only flying the drones, but also composing the shots. Enjoy our 2018 Aerial Demo Reel