Live Streaming

Arsenal Media is now offering completely wireless live broadcasting/streaming of your events. We can do live sports streaming/broadcast, corporate functions including press releases, company meetings or anything that you would like streamed. There are no a bunch of wires spread around your event or expensive camera equipment to make it not as affordable as it could be. We don’t require large crews or production managers to pass that cost on to you. We can have currently up to 3 separate camera’s, but with enough notice we can go up to 10 different cameras including a Drone!

Sporting Event Streaming

Nowadays everything is available online. Why shouldn’t your sports games be available too? Want to film your competition and review tapes? We can simultaneously record while we are live streaming. Our service currently can stream to Youtube and Facebook, but will soon offer other sources like private streaming for non public events. Let parents who cant make it to the game to enjoy watching their kids participate, or grandparents that just cant get around easily to be a part of their legacy. Maybe you want to get the word out? Having a live streamed sporting event can allow you to reach an audience that was previously harder to get to. You can use it for promotion. sponsorship, review, just to name a few. We can help! Call or contact us today!

Corporate Live Streaming

Does your office need to broadcast a meeting or product launch? We can help. Having an all wireless streaming service makes it so that we don’t have a bunch of wires and cameras with a huge set up team while your meeting is going on. Its no longer a big production for us to come in to your office and set up the feed which can even go to a private Youtube video for you to send to maybe your office in Atlanta, or maybe to your office in Hong Kong! We can also provide lapel microphones to have direct audio so that your voice is crisp and clear. All we need is an Internet cable!


Are you getting married and have family that cant make it? We can stream your wedding live while recording it for your family members. They can watch and you can keep it! There is no wires stretched across the floor, or your friends holding up cell phones. We use Sony DSLR Cameras to stream your event!We know that sometimes family cant make it to your wedding. Sometimes its that they live far away, or they cant take off work. Now with todays technology we can live stream the wedding on to Facebook, Youtube private link for them to tune in and watch the event live (Depending on internet availability).

New Live Streaming Updates

Along with live streaming and recording your event, we can add logo’s for sponsors and now can offer Instant Replay, Video promotions! We stay up to date with technology so you don’t have to. for every new release it just keeps increasing what you can do for your service to add value without draining the savings!