Wedding Live Streaming Colorado

Welcome to the new world! Nothing will ever be the same and we are all feeling it. As we all adapt to the new changes in the way we live our everyday lives, we are planning with you and changing the way that we do video! We are now offering wedding live streaming (internet access required) events so we can all be safe and still enjoy the day with friends and loved ones. We have a few packages ready for those last minute planning and those planning for the future. We offer professional courteous staff that will work with your event and make sure that you can share that day with everyone you wish.

Basic: $695 – This includes
  1. One Cameraman/Director
  2. 1 Camera angle
  3. Youtube link (Live Stream)
  4. setup / teardown
  5. 2 Hours max
  6. We are insured for 1+ million
Mid: $995 – This includes
  1. 2 Cameraman / 1 is Director
  2. 2 Camera angles
  3. Youtube link (Live Stream)
  4. Digital Delivery Mp4 movie file
  5. setup / teardown
  6. 2 Hours max
  7. We are insured for 1+ million
Additional Hour: $150hr per cameraman
Additional Editing Requests $100hr minimum 2 hours